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Turn Waste Heat into Carbon-Free Energy for Your Data Center

Welcome to the future of data center cooling. NovoPower’s cutting-edge liquid cooling technology is designed to meet the growing demands of modern data centers, providing unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and performance. Discover how our innovative solutions can transform your data center operations.


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Why Choose Us?

Innovative Technology
NovoPower leads the industry with advanced liquid cooling solutions that outperform traditional cooling methods. Our technology ensures optimal thermal management for high-density computing environments.

Our Solution
NovoPower’s patented Low-Temperature HTE™ (heat-to-electricity) system can generate cost-effective electricity at temperatures as low as 50°C, across a wide range of duty cycles. Competing technologies require higher temperatures (70-150°C) and fixed operating conditions.

Our 50kW module uses an organic working fluid to drive a free-piston generator. Combined with our sophisticated Smart Control System, NovoPower systems are cost-effective even where electric rates are low.

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How It Works?


In immersion cooling, heat from the servers is absorbed by the nonconducting liquid in which they are immersed. In direct-to-chip cooling, the servers are in racks with tiny heat exchangers attached to the processors. This method ensures efficient heat absorption directly at the source.


The hot fluid from the servers is circulated through a NovoPower heat exchanger, which uses the heat to vaporize an environmentally friendly working fluid. This pressurized vapor expands, pushing a piston through a cylinder (a “free-piston expander”), driving a generator to produce electricity.


NovoPower’s sophisticated control system seamlessly adapts in real-time by varying the flows and parameters of the electrical system. This makes our Low-Temperature HTE™ (heat-to-electricity) system the only viable solution for liquid-cooled data centers. It ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency.

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