Month: May 2023

NovoPower Wins Breakthrough Research Prize at Quebec Climate Solutions

We are excited to share that NovoPower, in collaboration with our esteemed research partners at Concordia University, has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Quebec Climate Solutions Breakthrough Research Prize. The winners will be unveiled this week at the much-anticipated Climate Solutions Festival, hosted at the Old Port in Montreal.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Prof. Charles Kiyanda and the remarkable Concordia team, including Profs. Luis Rodrigues, Pragasen Pillay, Chungyan Lai, Pierre Angers, and Camilo José Orrego Caicedo. We also extend our deepest gratitude to 2 Degrés, particularly Alexandre Guindon, Edouard Desjardins, and Josyane Turgeon, for their unwavering support. A special shoutout to the dedicated NovoPower team for their continuous efforts.

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